Field Trips

Environmental Justice in the Bay Area will take two field trips to local organizations each quarter. In Spring 2016, the class will visit the Veggielution Urban Farm in San Jose and Precita Eyes Muralists in San Francsisco.

Veggielution Workday

Our first trip to the Veggielution urban farm will allow students to engage with urban agriculture, learn about the successes and challenges of grassroots environmental justice organizing, and get hands-on experience on the farm.

Veggielution is a San Jose based nonprofit that aims to “connect people through food and farming.” They have a farm stand, leadership development programs, and Saturday workdays open to the public. To learn more about their work, take a peek at their blog and their podcast, The Farmcast.

Credit: Alex Pearson (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Veggielution Dinner

Social Justice Mural Tour

Our second trip to the San Francisco Mission District will explore art activism and gentrification through a social justice mural tour with Precita Eyes Muralists. The tour will help student contextualize disproportionate privilege and resource accessibility in the Bay.

The Mission District is facing a huge upheaval as lower-income and minority residents are pit against higher-income newcomers who can pay increasing rental rates. The desirability of the location has resulted in new real estate development and changed the cultural makeup of the historically Hispanic community. Read more about the Mission District in A Changing Mission by the SF Chronicle.

Precita Eyes Muralists is an arts organization in the Mission that educates aspiring artists and organizes mural projects throughout SF. They lead mural tours each week and organizes programs for youth.


Mission District Mural Tour