Veggielution Trip


Highway 280 crosses above the Veggielution orchard

Last weekend our class volunteered at Veggielution’s Saturday workday. Veggielution is a beautiful six acre community farm located in East San Jose. This was my first experience on a farm and I was not quite sure what to expect. The beginning of our workday consisted of an hour long tour of the farm. My first reaction to the farm was shock – the farm was larger than I expected. It was very surprising to me that a farm this big could be located in the middle of an urban area. During the farm tour we learned about the many different programs and events Veggielution hosts. For example, they hosts “Veggielution Kitchen,” which is a cooking class that teaches participants on how to prepare healthy dinners using the farm’s produce. The farm offered so many different ways for the community to get involved!

Following the farm tour we pulled weeds in the orchard. In the short two and a half hours we pulled weeds, we were able to transform the area. Beforehand, it was impossible to walk through the area and by the time the workday was over we were able to walk through much of it and see all the fruit trees! I felt accomplished each time I successfully pulled out a stubborn weed and enjoyed seeing the end product of our efforts.

Veggielution aims to distribute 70% of their produce at lost cost or for free to the local communities. Knowing that I was able to contribute to the farm and the local community despite the little knowledge I have about farming was very rewarding. Regardless of your farming experience I recommend taking the time to volunteer at Veggielution!  Community farms are a wonderful way to connect to people within the community while making a meaningful contribution to the local community.


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