Combating Cancer through Environmental Justice

1024px-Prostate_cancer_with_Gleason_pattern_4_low_magIn Robin Johnson’s article, Cancer Disparities: An Environmental Justice Issue for Policy Makershe discusses the positive correlation between environmental toxics and incidents of cancer. He notes that “(l)ow-income populations and people of color have disproportionately high rates of cancers and are more likely to die or be diagnosed at advanced stages of disease.” Based on his findings, it is apparent that policy makers need to create policies that improve environmental conditions as well as the health care system in these environments.

As I’m interested in pursuing a career in pediatric oncology, I found this article very informative and significant to my interests. Cancer is a horrible disease. If it is possible to reduce the occurrence of this disease by improving the environment, we should do so. Not only would improving the environment possibly help reduce the occurrence of cancer, but it would also positively impact a population’s overall health and agricultural practices. This article examines an important environmental justice issue and I urge policy makers to implement methods to improve the current situation.


Article Spotlight:

Dr. Robin Johnson

Cancer Disparities: An Environmental Justice Issue for Policy Makers

Physicians for Social Responsibility


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